Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Tunes...and Then Some.

So, today, I came up with a tentative list (in my head) about things that make me really excited to write about. I thought maybe I would spell them out a bit more on here. And it just so happens that I found the awesome link up, Write it, girl!, which was an encouragement to me about just this topic. I thought I'd share a few of these with you:

Since it's Tuesday, and that makes it even better.

In no particular order:

1. Music: I love everything about music. Tuesday and Tunes had gotten lost for awhile in my blog life, but not in my real life. Still, it's important to place on here what's new or what's upcoming, and today, what's been playing in the background during my writing and work endeavors. Here are a few notes that have been playing, some even today, as I write:

"Sufficient"- by Adie
"Let That Be Enough"- Switchfoot & other various songs by Switchfoot
"Hold Me Near" - Enter the Worship Circle
"Your Hands"- JJ Heller
 "Beautiful, Scandalous Night" -Robbie Seay Band
 "What a Savior" -Laura Story

*Let me give a word about JJ Heller..She and Audrey Assad are doing many spring tour dates together for their Deeper Heart Tour. Both of their music has been such a blessing to me.  Check our their dates and music if you get the chance and see if they will be coming anywhere near you!

2. Adolescents/youth:  Youth can be a big age span. I love families, and really any age of kids as they are developing, but pre-teen/adolescents are my favorite ages to work with. I've been around them in a variety of settings: as an educator, mentor, and now as a counselor. They keep me laughing for sure. I'm also reminded when working with this age group is that struggles they go through are not easy. 
My desire is to help teens in the midst of trials or suffering and also walk alongside those growing in developing an identity in Christ.

3. Writing: This may be redundant, to want to write about writing, but it really is one of the things that brings me most joy in life, a gift from God. I think whatever that is for someone, when it causes you to pause and listen more, it's a good thing. Writing helps me to drink life up a little bit more each day, to consider it more sweetly, to relish in the small things. And then, there's always the practical stuff..:) But for all of that, I am grateful.

There is more, but those are a few passions God's placed on my heart; thanks, Write it, girl! for your Tuesday Link Up and the opportunity to consider a few things that are important that I keep writing about as I blog.

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