Sunday, March 25, 2012


* "Rationality squeezes out much that is rich and juicy and fascinating" * -Anne Lamott

If I'm honest with you, dear friends, there's a part of me who thinks I'm going to miss my life. Which is odd, because I've had to be aware of life on many levels.
Dealing with chronic pain, different kinds of health issues, and life adjustments of sorts has enabled me to embrace the life-doesn't-sit-still type of mentality. Yet, I often declare I'm in need again of reminders so I don't forget to soak up gratitude, even when life at times does move slightly more slowly.

There are ebbs and flows to life, and I'm beginning to be drawn to those seasons for the purposes they serve. While it would be great if everything were somewhere in the middle all the time, teachable moments would probably not be as frequent if that were the case.

So, I sit thinking about the slower pace tonight, thankful for it right now, aware that my life is happening even as I write this post, as I hear the washing machine go off (at 10:15 pm), and as I think about checking if there are any basketball highlights on at this late hour.

I once read a book called Don't Miss Your Life! (aren't there like 3 out by this name??) Don't Miss Your Life! An Uncommon Guide to Living With Freedom, Laughter, and Grace is by a woman named Charlene Ann Baumbich. It was definitely a fun, different kind of read than a lot of books of this style, and it allowed me to continue to soak in seeing the joy at what a moment to moment life can bring.

Always the dreamer, I had a conversation with my dad today. He is nice to listen to me chat on, being visionary Julie and loving to have so many ideas and big-picture thoughts and plans. I ended the conversation saying that I still didn't know where my long-term dreams will end up. God will use these dreams as He sees fit, I'm sure.

My dad said he knew were I'd be in a few years, next year even. WHAT?? Did God help him see something, and I wasn't in on it?

He told me that he knew I'd still be on the journey. That it might look slightly different, enhanced maybe, but that we'd still be having this conversation again and again.

That made sense in a lot of ways. Not sure if that should have alarmed me that I might continue with endless dreams for years and years and years (or so my dad thinks:) ). But, I think what he was saying was that things will change even if dreams do take shape, but that we will continue to be on these roads, these journeys. 

I love the song "Many Roads" by Andrew Peterson. It's on an album I love, not only because it's called Counting Stars, but it has so many great songs on it. If you haven't checked out his work before, it's worth it.


  1. Beautiful post Julie! I'm also looking for gratitudes on my road! -Blessings girl, Amy

  2. I needed to read this today. I had a discussion just yesterday about "where will I be ...?" I will still be on the journey - there is comfort in knowing that.