Thursday, March 15, 2012

It Won't Be Perfect

The other day, I was walking with a history-kind of friend of mine. She knows a lot of places I've been. She's been there for a lot of hard stuff. She's one of those friends that people sometimes say looks like a sister. I smile when they say that cause I think that goes deeper than our outsides.

I learn a lot about friendship when I let those real and true friendships I've gained through the years become part of who I am. It's like soul-food, to know that people can love me no matter what happens and through the mess of life. I read a post by The Gypsy Mama today about messy stories and how sometimes in the past, I felt like it wasn't worth it to really let people know me deep. I wondered if it was because I didn't want to get hurt, or if I didn't want to hurt them. I think sometimes I still fear one or both or those, but overtime, those fears have disolved a lot because I know now that relationships are not going to be perfect. We are not perfect, so they can't be.

Have you read the book, Relationships, A Mess Worth Making? The title drew me in instantly. It helped me think more and connect with God's love in how He works at restoring all kinds of relationships as well as how to better understand some of the deeper issues involved with relationships conflicts. It's a good read or re-read at different parts of life and various journeys, I would say.

One thing I have come to believe in is that I need my friends. It's worth it to get invested and to be invested in. The friendships we have may look different at different points in our lives, depending on different factors, but despite this, I have needed the friends in my life for the sources of light, the truth-tellers they are, and for their fellowship and just pure joy they carry with them. I feel like all friends bring a little something different to life, but they clearly serve such a remarkable purpose.

Here are a couple questions to consider in light of YOUR special friends:

-How has your life been different because of your friends?

-Do those light bringing, joy infusing friends know how much they have impacted your life?

-Are you mostly being poured into or are you pouring into others as well?

-How did you meet your good friends; do you consider that God was involved somehow?

-What are you doing today to meet others who you might become friends with in the future?