Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Like Ideas

Hello, my name is Julie and I like ideas.

I get lost in ideas. I also like to run with them. I like to see where a new idea might take me, kinda like a kite on a really windy day. There's no telling!

I've realized this overtime but I wasn't sure if this was a strength or a weakness, however, I know I am passionate about what I can do with ideas. Passions are good and it's nice to know what gets you moving and allows you to be more of who you were created to be.

Check out Donald Miller's post to see what I mean on this topic.

*He asks questions that I sometimes I myself, and wonder what to do with, like: how do you lose track of time (and I don't mean washing the dishes), what catches your attention, what do you "daydream about?" 

I wonder, Friends, what are you concerned about, like a good concern, not a worry. What do you care about? What do you like, love? How do the things you're involved in and the things you spend your time doing go together in a way that you can align your passions toward things you never thought possible?

Today I'm linking up with Tracey at Winsome Wednesday.


  1. Thank you for visiting and for your comments at: "Tell me a Story," my new Blog Party:
    This was an idea triggered by my friend Ann Kroeker, writer and her dream to Rescue the stories.

    1. Thanks for coming by my blog! That's great what you're doing. I think it is universal for people to want to be known and have their stories told and to have others share in that experience as well. Thanks!

  2. I, like you, have wondered if my "dream chasing" is a strength or a weakness. Thank you for this encouraging post!

    P.S. Found you via Winsome Wednesday and look forward to following you. :)