Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First the Book

I want to take it in slowly, I thought.

Like a warm cup of coffee? Funny, I don't drink coffee.

Blue Like Jazz - The Book- re-dux.
I guess my big thing right now is starting over with a lot of things. I'm not quite sure why.

So, I wanted to revisit my original inclinations about what I thought Blue Like Jazz was about and maybe even what I still thought it was about since the first time I read it (if I really even read it clearly the first time): rebelling against church, jazz music, having strong political viewpoints, lots of stuff that happens to people on a college campus. I think deep down, I liked this book, or I like to tell myself I must have, because I sure love Donald Miller's work.

What wasn't involved in any of my thoughts on this book was any deep reaction to the words about Jesus and what He is doing in the world, in and through people, and the response people can have to His love. 

But, this time around, I read it differently. I wanted to read it slowly, but I read it so fast. Within a day or two. I couldn't put it down. Except for the end. I wanted to save just a little, so some pages would be left over.

You see, these days, I feel that a lot of books are the same. Or maybe they are not the same, and they are even technically pretty good, but they are the kind you can skim, or you don't have to read in the appropriate order. Maybe that isn't very nice, but take it from someone who has acquired a sense of Reading ADD. I can't read a book straight through anymore. I'm not sure exactly why. I'm working on it:). But, with Blue Like Jazz, I didn't want to skip any parts. I wanted to hold onto them for what they were, a portrayal of an honest, admittedly strange at times, and yet hopeful journey. I think I can relate.

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