Friday, March 9, 2012


I love Fridays. I love writing with The Gypsy Mama and crew for five minutes...and sometimes longer because it makes my heart happy. Thanks for joining me and coming along for the journey!!

All life weaves with God's story. And through it, lies the tales of those He loves.

I once thought empty was a sign of weakness. To me, empty, even subtle release, seemed to lack courage, movement, resilience.

I don't think of empty as a bad thing anymore- like a hole inside you, but rather, a letting out or letting go and giving space so God can make you full.

If you use words enough, they get tired. The full life. Wanting abundance. Emptying yourself out so God can fill you up. What does it all mean? Only until I realized that I fought the act of letting go did I start to want to open up, not in a verbal sense, but a butterfly-transformed sense.

What I mean is, think of your friend the caterpillar. I know it's an age-old analogy, but it's really quite amazing. It's a picture of something that becomes what it was meant to be all along.

And, as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly, there is a shedding off period, an 'emptying' of the old skin, as changes are made.  

The whole structure of the caterpillar reforms at the stage when the caterpillar is called the pupa, or chrysalis,: it builds two wings, a long tongue (to drink and suck nectar), two antennae, and then the full body of a butterfly. Processes which are not fully understood are responsible for this stage of transformation ( How cool is that...I really don't stop and think about stuff like that too much. And it's really an image that relates to what I feel God has done with me.

I know I was meant to open up to the world and be free and even to empty out all the places that didn't belong. But if I only did this because I had to, it wouldn't work. I think, like the caterpillar, I had to need to do this, like breathing, or just fully operating like I was meant to.. 

Sometimes, I get the feeling that we operate under a lot of ways that don't work because we don't know there is something more out there. Something that is better, something that does explain how we were meant to live and were created to be.

I was meant to be who God created me to be. Nothing else. Who I am in Him.


  1. Beautiful analogy, thank-you!
    "letting go and giving space" -love that phrase!

  2. Ooh, I missed this day. What a good one! I loved the simple image of "emptying yourself so God can fill you up."