Friday, March 16, 2012

Bravery in School

Today, like most Fridays, I'm linking up with The Gypsy Mama. Join her for her Five Minute Friday prompts, where ladies from all over write without over thinking it, we write because we want to, not out of a worry if it's write. :)

Today's prompt: BRAVE

Go. I think being in high school is brave.

Last night, I had a dream that I was in high school again and I was on the computer instead of being in a class, which in my dream all I knew was it was called T.E. By the way I don't think that is even a real class. I guess it was the first day of classes or something so I didn't quite understand my schedule yet and I thought the course meant study hall or free period (how nice) so I was able to do work on the computer, but all of a sudden I found out the class meant I was supposed to do tasks for the principal or the faculty (maybe T.E. stands for Task Education??) and I missed the cue on that one, so all of a sudden a guy comes up to me and says, "Julie, you have flunked out."

I really dislike the word flunked. All I remember is it was eight minutes after the bell rang and I wasn't where I was supposed to be. I'm pretty sure I was on twitter or something, I think I had hoped somehow this linked up to something pertaining to school (help??). This dream or nightmare rather was very vivid. Sigh.


I did not fail or quit high school in real life. But many kids do. I have worked with teens or adults who have. Even if my dream was a little outlandish, it makes me think of the real and raw steps, and feelings to get to that point somtimes.

I can remember in my own high school, one memory that I still wonder about. For the life of me, there was one point in my high school career that I had trouble remembering my locker combination (probably more than one, if I stop and think about it). I was taking a math class then where you definitely needed your book if you wanted to do really well. But my math book was in my locker! I was stubborn. It was a big school, and it got away from me to go ask for the combination. I think I probably eventually did, but I know there were times I was unprepared. That could have been avoided.

Sometimes, I think some of that happens with other kids in high school. One suggestion I have from what I've seen is to see if there are places they struggle in asking for help and attempt to encourage them there. Also, remember that they do have strengths and may be putting in efforts other places, but remember to highlight those areas where they are trying to go it completely alone or hesitate to ask for assistance.


  1. Oh high school (and middle school)... The stuff on nightmares! Love your heart for those not-so-little kids, Julie.

  2. Thanks, Stacie. Yes, definitely some nightmares there, both lived, and then, in my last night. Blast from the past.

  3. I definitely don't want to revisit high school, in the flesh or in my dreams! Bravery required.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind words. You mentioned the photo in my post, and it was taken on a trip to Interlaken, so well done to you for recognizing our mutual home:) Glad to hear your days in Bern were good ones.

    1. Oh it was in, Interlaken, how cool. Thanks for coming by, Kimberly:). I'm so glad to connect with you!

  4. Ahhh, Julie, yes, I most agree we would be friends in real life. Although, don't ask if you can put your books in my locker because for over half of my 7th grade year, I carried all my books due to locker, umm, "issues". Translation: What was that combo, again?

    I always dream about high school. Maybe because I teach in one? However, I don't think most adults could hack high school these days. Things have changed and it's a whole new set of rules!

    Thanks for the post.