Sunday, February 12, 2012


I taught in Europe at the end of college with some friends of mine. We left with some heavy suitcases, and came back with even heavier ones. But, in the in-between, when we living there and just traveling around on weekends, we didn't want to carry much around with us. It got old to live with suitcases, and even with heavy backpacks, so everything we did was with the conscious effort to lighten our load! We wore the same clothes over and over. We washed them (most of the time), don't worry. We had tried to have less stuff with our person. We layered our clothing so not to lug them on our backs for our overnights. 

Needless to say, there's a lot of ideas I probably lost from that trip, because others who know me will say I like to be prepared for trips. But, still, something else is lost when you are bogged down by the weight of suitcases.

I love Dara McClean's song, "Suitcases" (go figure), where she talks about this.

"What can you do when you're tied to the ground, yeah?
You carry your burdens heavy like gravity.
Just let them go now, there's freedom in release..."

"There's nothing holding you back now,
Just run"

I think I've talked about this before, but there's just a mental picture that = chaos when you are trying to run to a train with heavy suitcases. And you're late. It doesn't work. Now picture having a lighter bag.

We think of running as a bad idea. Running away from things. How about the idea of running, just plain free running. The running to something maybe?

I can think of a many things that are made easier when running without my burdens weighing me down. This all happens when I remember that Jesus carried those burdens for me and I can release what's already been paid for.

-Running to hug a friend
-Running to get some ice cream
-Sprinting down the street (not too far, remember I said sprinting, I am a short-distance runner)
-Running (or walking quickly) off of an airplane to go greet people you haven't seen in a long time
-Running to chase the moon

I guess we can overuse the idea of running in our culture. But sometimes it can be fun to run. When we throw down what's been holding us to the floor and just go.

Where do you want to go and what is holding you back?

*Check out this encouraging and convicting post by Dara on her website.


  1. First off, I want to read more posts about your first sentence!

    Second, I used to carry everything...even things I should have shaken off or thrown away long ago, but for some reason I thought it was my duty to carry old hurt around. Not any more, and wow, what a difference it makes.

  2. Thanks for your words here, as always Amy:)