Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wide Open Spaces

Yes, dear friends, I have to do a little posting about the new year.

I haven't been as into New Year's in the past few years. I've tried to use the new year as more of a chance to refocus, and perhaps I could say to declutter some things in my life as best I can so I can keep in mind what is important in life (no comments on the continued need to physically declutter some things I own:) ). But, I've started to think  about New Year's differently. I still think about moving forward, but want to carry with me the process of what it might look like to both put forth effort and also let go and surrender where I might hold too tightly to my own strength and abilities.

I am still praying about what some of these areas may be for this year but I know that a word that God keeps bringing to mind for the beginning of the year is Thankfulness. Thanksfulness even despite difficulties and troubles, thankfulness and rememberance as a torch lighting the way through a dark moment, thankfulness that comes from my whole heart, directed toward my Savior and the one who accomplishes His purposes in my life. I know when I am thankful so many things shift in my life. I start to see more of God for who He is and more of my life as a reflection of Him and His gifts.

In the times when I'm unsure about what this year will hold, I remember that God promises to never leave me or forsake me.

And so I begin the year right now by also choosing wide open spaces. Being open to what God may have for me and also just remembering to bask in all of His gifts. All I could think about when I was getting ready to do this post was the song by Dixie Chicks. : ) I used to love this and other songs by them.

Happy New Year! I pray you will have friends and family to keep you warm this year, work and places to grow and serve, and laughter and fields to play in to give you wide open spaces.