Friday, November 11, 2011


I'm so excited for this one. I woke up this morning and actually remembered that it was Friday. My day was extremely busy and I actually have some time to refresh and (hopefully) continue the wave of this during the weekend. I have grown to love these Five Minute Fridays when I can catch onto them, probably for the very reason of the topic that today's word hits on:


I love things unexpected. It's kind of strange to say that because at times predictability is what I think I can count on. It's good to know what will come when and that you can check things off your schedule. BUT, there's something in that spunky, just-might-surprise-you unknown that leads me to leap before I look sometimes.

It's where the daily grind gives you pause.

It's seeing friends two days in a row where it didn't seem like 'life' allowed for it, laughing and remembering that the unexpected part is that you are constantly made new when you are with people know you and love you just the same.

It's where faith meets life and you just get to pause in thanks for another day at unexpected bliss. I wouldn't have always called it that, but I think it is.

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