Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Once again, I stumbled upon an interesting license plate this week. It read : Latelate. This was funny and timely (no pun intended) for me because my life has been busy and I have in some ways felt a race against time to move faster and keep up.

There's something nice about having the ability to just laugh at words like Latelate outlined right in front of you...where you almost feel like some exclamation points are warrented and perhaps you aren't the only one.

Still, as I am able on this Thanksgiving weekend to have the chance to pause and sit back for more than a moment to remember what's most important...

I love JJ Heller's song "All I need" ... It reminds me this Thanksgiving, that God is enough, and that:

- Goodness and mercy are following me
You're all that I need
You make a home for me
Where pastures are green as far as I see
You are all I need -

Monday, November 14, 2011

And The...

I saw a great license plate the other day. It read: 'And The...' No joke. I pretty much love every thing that is a fill-in-the-blank, a grab-bag sentence starter, writing or conversation prompt, etc....I have no idea what was meant by this actual license plate but I know that it got me thinking about my own 'And The...'

And The... thing is still Jesus. Who came down. Bringing Hope. Died to give me life. Rose and is living again.

When I think of what this means to me, so many images and words and Scriptures and parts of my life come flashing before me. For some reason, there's also a lot of songs that remind me of the best thing. That remind me of what stays truer than true even despite times of climbing uphill, or when winter just lasts and lasts.

A song that comes on and just holds memories of days when God has spoken through my life's experiences to teach me that He reigns above any circumstance is "Song of Hope" by Robbie Seay Band. I love me some Robbie Seay Band music; they are one of my favorites. Just ask anyone who knows my music tastes. If I could choose, I would like them to play at my wedding. That would be pretty cool.

It is not Tuesday yet..but I need to do a plug for RSB's new album Rich and Poor. It's available now - go check it out! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011


I'm so excited for this one. I woke up this morning and actually remembered that it was Friday. My day was extremely busy and I actually have some time to refresh and (hopefully) continue the wave of this during the weekend. I have grown to love these Five Minute Fridays when I can catch onto them, probably for the very reason of the topic that today's word hits on:


I love things unexpected. It's kind of strange to say that because at times predictability is what I think I can count on. It's good to know what will come when and that you can check things off your schedule. BUT, there's something in that spunky, just-might-surprise-you unknown that leads me to leap before I look sometimes.

It's where the daily grind gives you pause.

It's seeing friends two days in a row where it didn't seem like 'life' allowed for it, laughing and remembering that the unexpected part is that you are constantly made new when you are with people know you and love you just the same.

It's where faith meets life and you just get to pause in thanks for another day at unexpected bliss. I wouldn't have always called it that, but I think it is.

-Linking up with The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday-

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Remember - Operation Pancake

I knew I wanted to participate in The Gypsy Mama's word for Five Minute Friday this week --- Remember, but I just didn't have any idea what to write about. I didn't think I was at a standstill due to my 31 days writing madness, but who knows.

The word remember seemed to be catching me offguard. Typically, I like to's a part of stories.
It helps to recall where I've been, what God has done, in times of blessing, and even in times that I've had to overcome challenges.

But I guess I just didn't feel like doing any kind of remembering this week, good or bad, in my writing. So I didn't.

But then, this morning, I was making pancakes, and the first batch didn't come out too well. It wasn't that they didn't work all together, I just realized that the second batch was probably the one to keep. See, the pan needed to warm up and I needed to get my hand around flipping again (it's been some time since I've made pancakes). So...

Me, in my hungry state, hadn't waited for the second batch to finish. I tasted them, and I was glad I did, because they were pretty good. People always say to throw out the first batch of the pancakes. Wait until you know what you're doing, that's when the good stuff happens.

Sometimes, we have to just try, and taste the stuff of the beginning to know what later looks like as well.

I wrote this post because I am glad to remember all the days when I was young when I made endless amounts of pancakes with my dad on weekend mornings. I am pretty sure I didn't know what I was doing at first but we never threw them out. Big or little, burnt or undercooked, we just ate them. That's the good stuff.