Monday, October 31, 2011

Gray to Grace { Day 31: 31 Days of Loving the Middle Space }

It's Day 31. I only half-believe it. I'm kind of going to miss this 31 day business. I thought for the last day I'd let you all in on a little secret of mine....

Several years ago I had a ton of writing momentum for fiction and an idea that kept my attention long enough to finish it through. It wasn't the right thing at the time to do anything with that work; I was just happy to get the story line flushed out and that I had gotten my characters through to the end! The story was called "Gray Space" and it is about 4 middle grade girls who are trying to figure out life, namely the main character, who ends up learning more than just school from her teacher, Miss Lemon. What I liked best about the character was her perspective change from seeing things classified in extremes to a reconciling with some of the tension that occurs in her "gray space." Needless to say, I saw a lot of myself in that character at the time.

So, I have had this desire to rebirth "Gray Space" but I haven't found the right way to do that yet. All I know is that God has sort of transformed what once was just this idea of Gray Space and moved the gray to grace. I guess that's a little bit of how I hoped to just jump with this idea of The Middle Space. It's all grace - how the tension, the muddy stuff, the getting to learn more as we go, the joyfulness- they work together. I guess as God keeps showing me how to move from even the gray to grows me into leaving space for more, space for Him.

This is a starting point. It might be the end of a series but leaving space gives way for more. My prayer for you is the same as the prayer for me, that you would be open to the space He breathes into your life and living in the freedom you have been granted.

*If you missed any days of the series, you can check them out here. Thanks for coming by!

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