Monday, October 10, 2011

Able to Fall Apart { Day 10 of Loving the Middle Space }

I could be speaking for others here, but I feel like it's pretty natural to avoid pain at all costs. Pain is a signal that something is wrong, and while it's not healthy for there to be prolonged pain...pain can be a sign that something isn't working quite right.

Naturally, a lot of the time, we think things ought to work right most of the time. But the problem is, they don't. In Grace for the Good Girl Emily Freeman talks about this and says that "when things break, something happens inside us. The routine is interrupted by the urgent, and the broken thing becomes top priority" (p. 171). She goes on to talk about how there are things in life that aren't easily repaired or replaced, but discusses the hope that is found when things, or rather, parts of us, fall apart.

Likemindedly, I think along the same lines. It's been true in my life that my routine has often been disrupted by the effects of pain or things that have been left "broken" too long.

Brokenness comes in many forms. We see it in the world we live poverty, in injustices, in our homes, in sickness, in our spiritual lives, etc. One can look around without seeing quick-fixes for any of it, but that's okay. As Emily writes, "We don't need fixing. We need healing" (p. 179).

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